Rock your birth


Congratulations on your pregnancy from me, Simona.

So you are obviously very excited about the birth of your baby, and why wouldn’t you be?

However – if you really must confess – you are also experiencing that sinking feeling that SOMEHOW you are going to have to give birth!

How is the baby ever going out of *that*? Am I going to moo like a cow and poo in the birthing pool? Are my privates ever going to look the same again? Should I really go for a natural birth or just book a c-section now?

I get it, if you are anything like I was, you are absolutely PETRIFIED of giving birth: you may have started watching programmes such as One Born Every Minute too and then got even more shit scared!

However, if you have stumbled upon my website, you are probably the type of person who likes to be fully prepared for the important events of her life.

You  feel a strong desire to prepare for your  labour and birth,  THE BIG UNKNOWN.

How do people do it? Will I be able to push the baby out?

So what if I told you that I have been there, done that, was exactly as scared as you are now (and then some) but I have a trick up my sleeve?

A tool that can can re-programme your mind so you too can envisage birth as something that can be enjoyed? 

Hypnobirthing will help you to regain control of your pregnancy, put away the fears, focus on having a positive birth experience and made you excited about the birth of your baby.

So how do YOU get a piece of that? By attending my classes with your birthing partner!

As I know your time is precious, my course is taught at the weekend (or in the case of private classes at a convenient time for you) and each class is 2.5 hours.

If you just can’t wait to start preparing, why not download my book ‘Rock Your Birth’ – Guide to an Empowered Birth?

Rock Your Birth - Guide to Empowered Birth

You can also download a free relaxation mp3 and a free ‘managing morning sickness’ one too by signing up to my newsletter (just look for the pop-up box or the one on this page).

Are you ready?

Hope to see you soon,

Simona x


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