About Me

A Central London based hypnobirthing practitioner, specialised in working with busy professional 1st time mums who want to create a positive birth experience

Hi, my name is Simona and I am wife to my husband Michael and a mum to a beautiful baby boy called Dominic.

I am also a group facilitator for both Positive Birth Movement – Islington and Attachment Parenting- Islington.

Until around a year ago, I was working in the City as a contracts negotiator for an Energy company.

I thought I was a tough cookie, until I found out I was pregnant.

Like many first time mums, on finding out I was going to have a baby,  I was elated for a while, then fear began to take over my emotions.

I was scared of giving birth, and ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED of the big unknown event which is labour.

I tried the brush-it-under-the-carpet strategy, but the endless horror stories heard at the watercooler and in the office canteen did nothing to make me feel at ease with the prospect of giving birth.

The NHS birth prep class focused so much on what could go wrong, I was sure I wanted a c-section. It was the thought of gaining some control that made me think in that way. I wanted order, predictability and some saying over the birth of my baby. I was used to schedule meetings, so why not schedule the birth of my baby?

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with elective caesarians, on reflection, all I wanted was not to be scared. I wanted to be prepared, I needed education on birth from a modern, non-judgemental  point of view.

So I decided to look for help, and came across Hypnobirthing.

I was sceptical about the ‘hypno’ bit, being a very rational person I thought it was probably going to be a bit of a ‘hippy dippy’ course but I decided to attend anyway.

I am so very glad I did! It immediately gave me a sense of purpose and comfort, and after the first class I was so excited I went home to practise straight away.

Hypnobirthing practise became my sanctuary after a long day in the office, it helped me bond with my baby and even managing my back pain!

In the end, I  had what I consider to be a beautiful birth: even though I needed some interventions, I always felt in control and as relaxed as I could be.

It was truly empowering and I have such beautiful memories of my labour and birth.

Since then I have decided to train with the Wise Hippo in order to utilise all the skills I have gained to help pregnant women feel truly at ease with the prospect of giving birth.

It is a complete 360 career change, but I know what I want now is to give you knowledge, choices and all the tools you need to truly ROCK your labour.

A wise woman once said “Giving birth should be your biggest achievement and not your greatest fear” and this is what I want every woman to achieve.

I specialise in helping busy, stressed, scared first time mums to plan and prepare for a positive birth: their right birth on the day. I have been there, done that and can therefore help you to maximise your time and turn your fears into confidence and excitement !

My philosophy behind the teaching is simple (yet powerful!)

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your biggest fear

(Jane Weideman)