FREE E-book, MP3s and Support Group

As a token of gratitude for visiting my website, I want to offer you a couple of gifts, which I hope will then become big in value for you.

  1. A free ‘ROCK YOUR BIRTH!’ – Guide to an Empowered Birth- ebook: packed with useful suggestions to implement if you are looking to truly own your birth experience! Free for you to download if you sign up to my newsletter (just go to my main page and look for the box to subscribe)
  2. A free Hypnobirthing track sample called ‘Calm and Relaxed’ which you can listen to any time you need some rest, and need a safe, comforting way to relax (Please note – You will get the full track plus one more if you sign up to  my newsletter!)

It is a lovely way to experience hypnosis and the attached sense of relaxation you will gain from it.

The track as you can find it above will stop around the 5 minute mark, however you can get the full version by signing up to my mailing list.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Do not Listen to it when you do need to operate any machinery/driving  and when otherwise unsafe to do so.

Rock Your Birth - Guide to Empowered Birth


If you are looking for free support and a community of like-minded hypno mums, I also invite you to join my Facebook support Group, THE MUM SANCTUARY

Ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer them asap. It is just like having your own Hypnobirthing practitioner in your pocket! Perfect for busy and on-the-go mamas.

Here is the link to join this amazing Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1749888698633499/?fref=nf