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At the very beginning I was a bit sceptical about hypnobirthing but it wasn’t too long before Simona thought me that this technique has nothing to do with hypnosis. There is no pendulum to watch, no out of body experience or “1-2-3 you are back in the room”. Surprisingly I discovered that hypnobirthing is closer to meditation or cbt ( cognitive behavioural therapy). Through the course and practise I learned invaluable new skills to ease myself into a state of calm so that my body could fully relax into labour and childbirth. And I can promise that it really worked when I had my first son Oscar and had to deal with a very long labour and some subsequent complications. Furthermore I still use some of the hypnobirthing techniques to help myself with the big amount of fears and anxieties of which the life of a new parent is full of! I highly recommend this course because not only empowered me during labour but most importantly it gave me skills for life!
from: Carolina Sammartini Brooks – first time mum, who attended my Full Birthing Programme




from: Polly Maberly – first time mum to twins,  who attended my Relax, Breathe and Birth session 




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