hypnobirthing mum

What’s Hypnobirthing?


Would you run a marathon on zero training? Start practising yoga by doing full head stands straight away?

So how do you approach labour and birth?

Hypnobirthing, put simply, is the use of hypnosis for child birth.

What the definition doesn’t immediately give away is that hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme.

We need to be re-educated about birth as our society has made us shit scared about birth!

Why do we need hypnosis then? Because through hypnosis we are able to access the part in our brain where all info are stored and replace those negative beliefs with positive ones, changing our outlook and helping us to view birth as a normal, positive event 🙂

So, hypnosis: If your idea of hypnosis is doing silly things on a stage and embarrassing yourself, then prepare to be surprised!

Hypnosis is in our everyday life, and you have most likely experienced it already.

Have you ever had your heads in the cloud whilst queuing at the supermarket? Been engrossed in a good book or film? That was it! You were hypnotised!

Hypnobirthing will tap into your experience of natural states of trance in order to access your sub-conscious and change the idea that labour and birth are dangerous, scary events.

The course will also equip you and your birth partner with a FANTASTIC collection of tools which will:

  • help you bond with your baby during your pregnancy by being in tune with him/her
  • make you approach your birth with positivity and knowledge
  • accompany you during the birth
  • teach you how to remain calm, confident and in control before AND after baby arrives!

Hypnobirthing gives you tools for life, not just for labour.


What hypnobirthing will do for you is ‘forcing’ you to let go of fears and anxiety, and empower yourself to have the best possible birth on the day.